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  • 6. Historical Researchs
    Alimento, Antonella Eighteenth-century cadastres, between tradition and modernity(pdf)
    Arroyo, Fernando The Ensenada Cadastre and the geographic dictionary(pdf)
    Ballesteros, Floriano A look at the Ensenada Cadastre in Burgos (pdf )
    Bulgarelli Lukacs, Alessandra Genesis of the Cadastre in the kingdom of Naples (pdf)
    Camarero, Concepción Castilian Vassals and villages face a verification beyond the fiscal scope: The Ensenada Cadastre 1750-1756 
    (pdf - nº1 - nº2 -nº3 -nº4 -nº5 -nº6 -nº7 -nº8 -nº9 -nº10 -nº11 -nº12 -nº13)
    (pdf )
    The Cadastre in the 18th Century in Spain and Latin America 1(pdf )
    Capra, Carlo The state of Milan´s "new census" (pdf)
    Clergeot, Pierre The Origins of the French General Cadastre 1 (pdf)
    Del Arco, Juan The investigation in the Ensenada Cadastre of the province of Jaén (pdf)
    Delgado, José Miguel Ensenada versus Carvajal: A topic for debate  (pdf)
    Domínguez, Antonio The Ensenada cadastre and its circumstance (pdf)
    Ferrer, Amparo The documentation of the Ensenada Cadastre and its use in cartographic reconstruction (pdf)
    Ferrer, Llorenç Fiscal modernisation? The introduction of the cadastre in Catalonia (pdf)
    Gaite, Jesús Documents from the Ensenada Cadastre in the national history archive (pdf)
    Gómez, José Luis Ensenada, Economist of the enlightement (pdf)
    Moreau, Claude de

    Un cadastre véritable et original? La Réforme Fiscale au Luxembourg et le Cadastre Thérésien de 1766. (pdf)
    Pérez, Micaela The Cadastre of the Marquis of Ensenada in the provincial history archive of La Rioja (pdf)
    Rodríguez, José Luis Single tax documentation in the Simancas Archive (pdf)
    Touzary, Mireille Beyond the pyrenees: The french bourbons and the impossible cadastre (pdf)
    Vilar, Pierre Introduction to the Ensenada Cadastre (pdf)

    (1).- FIG - Working week 2003 in Paris

    Maintained by the Directorate General for Cadastre. Ministry of Finance and Public Administration. Spain.