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Aguado, Dolores SPAIN Real state evaluation process regulations (spanish, english)
Alimento, Antonella ITALY Eighteenth-century cadastres, between tradition and modernity (spanish, english)
Annoni, Alessandro ITALY Co-ordination and regulation of the Cadastre. Initiatives in the UE
Auer, Helmut AUSTRIA Land Administration in Austria I
Balodimos, Dionisio GREECE The use of cadastral information in projects financed by the EU
Ballesteros, Floriano SPAIN A look at the Ensenada Cadastre in Burgos (spanish, english)
Bodenkamp, Johan EUROPEAN UNION Land information difusion: EU initiatives (spanish, english)
Brunner, Hansjörg AUSTRIA Data Policy for Land Administration: eGovernment - eCitizen
Bulgarelli Lukacs, Alessandra ITALY Genesis of the Cadastre in the kingdom of Naples (spanish, english)
Camarero, Concepción SPAIN Castilian Vassals and villages face a verification beyond the fiscal scope: The Ensenada Cadastre 1750-1756 (spanish nº1 - nº2 - nº3 - nº4 - nº5 - nº6 - nº7 - nº8 - nº9 - nº10 - nº11 - nº12 - nº13), (english)
The Cadastre in the 18th Century in Spain and Latin America (pdf spanish, english)
Capra, Carlo ITALY The state of Milan´s "new census" (spanish, english)
Chabal, Bruno and Bourguignon Jean-Yves FRANCE From the Digitalized Cadastral Map toward a Vestorized one for the 3rd Contract on Computerization of the Cadastral Map on Ardeche, France (de la Grotte Chauvet au cadastre numérisé)
Clancy, Diarmud IRELAND A citizen's Cadastre: territorial information for all (spanish, english)
Clergeot, Pierre FRANCE The Origins of the French General Cadastre
Collis, Peter UNITED KINGDOM Developing Land Registration Customer Services to reflect UK Government Policy
Conejo Fernández, Carmen SPAIN Spanish Cadastral Information System (spanish, english)
Creuzer, Peter GERMANY Co-ordination initiatives for the creation and the updating of the cadastre
Land Administration in Public-Private Partnerships
Del Arco, Juan SPAIN The investigation in the Ensenada Cadastre of the province of Jaén (spanish, english)
Delgado, José Miguel SPAIN Ensenada versus Carvajal: A topic for debate (spanish, english)
de Santis, Antonio ITALY Investigations to the real state. Consecuences in the fiscal evaluation
Dechef, Michel BELGIUM Evaluation real assets in Belgium (spanish, french)
Delincé, Jacques EUROPEAN UNION The cadastral information as support of EU policies
Durán Boo, Ignacio SPAIN Two initiatives for the approximation of the cadastres of the members states. The Declaration on Cadastre in the EU and the Permanent Committee for the Cadastre. (spanish, english)
The Ensenad@ Project - Modernising the Spanish Cadastre
Effects of t E.U. regulations on the dissemination of cadastral information (I) (spanish, english)
Effects of E.U. regulations on the dissemination of cadastral information (II) (spanish english)
The challenges of the future European Cadastre
Ernst, Julius AUSTRIA Land Administration in Austria II
Ferrer, Amparo SPAIN The documentation of the Ensenada Cadastre and its use in cartographic reconstruction (spanish english)
Gabele, Francis BELGIUM The Cadastre in Belgium (spanish french)
Gabele, Francis and Vanderschueren, Marc BELGIUM The Proactive Belgian Cadastre - In the Service of the Customer
Gaite, Jesús SPAIN Documents from the Ensenada Cadastre in the national history archive (spanish english)
Gallego Mora-Esperanza, Julio SPAIN Mass appraisal system
Artificial intelligence applied to real estate valuation. An example for the appraisal of Madrid (spanish english)
Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency BULGARY GEODESY ACTIVITIES IN BULGARIA NATIONAL REPORT 2007 – 2011
Gil, Stéphane FRANCE The French Cadastral System and eGovernment
Gómez, José Luis SPAIN Ensenada, Economist of the enlightement (spanish english)
Gross, Robert AUSTRIA Geographic Internet Services of the City of Vienna
Hadley, Clare UNITED KINGDOM An Update on the Alliance between the Mapping Agencies of Britain and Ireland on Spatial Information
Hochwartner, August AUSTRIA Communication and Cooperation for a better Service
Hopfer, Andrzej POLAND Cadastre as a Compact Tool for Proper Land Use - via Taxation and Physical Planning
Hornansky, Imrich & Juraj Valis SLOVENIA Cooperation in Public-Private Partnerships
Ioannidis, Charalambos GREECE (Greece): Compilation of Urban Catastral Maps: A Proposal for a Cadastral Reform Process
Jaillard, Pierre FRANCE Citize'n use of cadastral information. Legal aspects of the Cadastre (spanish, french)
Kaufman, Jürg FIG Cadastre 2014: a vision for Future Cadastral Systems
Kirwan, Richard EUROPEAN UNION Building an European Spatial date infraestructure: the role of EuroGeographis
Kjellson, Bengt SWEDEN Candidate countries expectations from a european cadastral model (spanish, english)
Swedish Experiences and Visions in Alliances and Supra-National Partnerships
Kokkonen, Arvo FINLAND Customer Needs in the Field of LA: Information and some Guidelines about how to meet them
The Cadastre in Finland. Co-ordination experience among the member states (spanish, english)
Laarakker, Peter HOLAND Co-ordination initiatives to improve the use and diffusion of cadastral data ( spanish, english)
Land, Nick EUROPEAN UNION Customers & Services: A Perspective from EuroGeographics
Leggo, Diane UNITED KINGDOM Mass appraisal systems and its application in the real state taxes (spanish, english)
Lemmen, Christiaan (*) HOLAND Futher Progress in the Development of a Core Cadastral Domain Model
A modular Standard for the Cadastral domain (spanish, english)
Version 1.0 of the FIG Core Cadastral Domain Model
The core cadastral domain model
Leo, Olivier ITALY Cadastre and land parcel identification for the purpose of the European Common Agriculture Policy
Ljunggren, Tommy SWEDEN Integrated cadastral system in Sweden (spanish, english)
Magis, Michel HOLAND An Outline of the Cadastre Organization, Customer Expectations, Customer Satisfaction
Manthorpe, John UNITED KINGDOM Co-ordination experiences among the member states (spanish, english)
Comparative analisis on the cadastral systems in the European Union
Statement on Social and Economic Benefits of Good Land Administration
Manzano Agugliaro, Francisco/Gil SPAIN Development of a methodology for the discrete updating of Cadastral Cartography by means of GPS and SIG tecniques (spanish english)
Mecha, Edward POLAND An Outline of the Cadastre Organization, Customer Expectations, Customer Satisfaction
Mikuta, Bronislovas LITUALIA Customers and Services in Lithuania
Miranda Hita, Jesús SPAIN The spanish cadastral model
The Cadastre and Real Estate Tax (spanish, english)
Law of Real State Cadastre (I) (spanish, english)
Law of Real State Cadastre (II) (spanish, english)
Mirón Pérez, Jerónimo SPAIN Actions to improve the Cadastre situation among the accesion countries (spanish, english)
Implying Customers: The Spanish Experience
The use of the Spanish Cadastre for the control and monitoring of EU-CAP subsidies
Cadastre and the reform of European Union's Common Agricultural Policy. Implementation of the SIGPAC (spanish, english)
Moreau, Claude de


Un cadastre véritable et original? La Réforme Fiscale au Luxembourg et le Cadastre Thérésien de 1766. (spanish, french)
Muggenhuber, Gerhard AUSTRIA Customers of Cadastral Information in a service oriented society (spanish, english)
Ollen, Joakim SWEDEN Land Information in the EU. Situation and perspectives (spanish, english)
Parent, Bruno FRANCE Fiscal system evaluation in mass and real state treasure (spanish, french)
Pesl, Ivan CZECH REPUBLIC Cadastre and Other Public Registers: Multipurpose Cadastre or Distributed Land Information System?
Pérez, Micaela SPAIN The Cadastre of the Marquis of Ensenada in the provincial history archive of La Rioja (spanish, english)
Philipp, Karin AUSTRIA Geodata-Policy in Austria
Potsiou, Chryssy & Charalabos Ioannidis GREECE The necessity for Nationwide Public- Public Coordination for Effective Land Administration
Probert, Mark UNITED KINGDOM The Cadastre in the UK (spanish english)
Puyal, Pablo SPAIN The Ensenada project
Ratia, Jarmo FINLAND Cadastres as focuses on environmental protection (spanish, english)
Remetey, Gabor EUROPEAN UNION Situation in the EU with coverage on some candidate countries member of EUROGI
Rodríguez, José Luis SPAIN Single tax documentation in the Simancas Archive (spanish, english)
Rousselet, Bruno FRANCE Use of the Cadastre in the member states
Sadjadi, Ninel AUSTRIA Alliances and Supra-national Partners in Countries in Transition
Scheu, Martin and Philipp Stefan GERMANY Geo-Informaticon Management in Utilities: A Posteriori Integration of Digital Cadastral Maps 1
Seidel, Carla GERMANY Valuation of Real Estates in Germany. Methods, Transparency, Market, Development and current aspects of research.
Selleri, Marco ITALY New Projects of the Agenzia del Territorio
The cadastral information system of "Agenzia del Territorio"
Senegacnik, Joze SLOVENIA Logical Data Model for Dissemination of Spatial Data
S&T Solutions in GIS Market
Terrens, Roger LUXEMBOURG The Cadastre in Luxemburg
Thomas, Joachim GERMANY Public - Private Partnership in Land Consolidation
Political Awareness on Land Management and Land Consolidation
Traynor, Mike UNITED KINGDOM Information about Scotland's Land & Property
Touzary, Mireille FRANCE Beyond the pyrenees: The french bourbons and the impossible cadastre (spanish, english)
Tuladharm Arbind Man HOLAND Reegineering Cadastre and Land Registration Systems and Business Opportunities 1
Van der Molen, Paul HOLAND Partnerships for Better Service
Property rights, land registration and cadastre in the EU (spanish english)
The Future Cadastres - Cadastres after 2014 1
Veigas, Dimas PORTUGAL The Cadastre in Portugal (spanish, english)
Velasco, Amalia SPAIN The Cadastral Parcel in NSDI’S and in INSPIRE Executive Summary
The role of Cadastre in the application of the future Directive of the European Parliament and the Council establishing a framework for the protection of the soil and amending Directive 2004/35/EC
Vilar, Pierre FRANCE Introduction to the Ensenada Cadastre (spanish, english)
Vogel, Friedrich GERMANY Co-ordination initiatives for the cretion and the updating of the cadastre
Wessely, Reinhold AUSTRIA Do We Need to make Society more aware of the Benefits of the Land Administration System?
Wilder, Birgit eGovernment - eCitizen
Wilkowski, Wojciech and Koop Hans POLAND Integrating Electronic Platform (IPE) as a Basic Component of Cadastral System in Poland 1
Wilmersdorf, Erich AUSTRIA Vienna GIS - A Customer related Geo-Information-System by Remote Control
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